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Have you ever tried building some sort of cool contraption in Minecraft using mods but haven't been able to effectively power it? Or do you play vanilla Minecraft and now you are looking for something to help spice things up a bit? For anyone to which this may apply, this set of instructions will get you started on building your own self sustainable energy source that will be able to power all your machines for you. These instructions are intended for people who know how to play Vanilla Minecraft and are not just starting to learn the game. If you are just learning to play Minecraft and would like a tutorial on how to get started watch paulsoaresjr's YouTube series Survive and Thrive. It will be assumed that the reader of this guide understands basic computer use and "slang" as well as owns a paid version of the Minecraft game.

Why Sustainable Energy?Edit

Sustainable energy in Minecraft will allow players to power their machines without having to burn coal, wood, or other burnable materials in a generator. This will make it easier in the long run as players will not need to "maintain" the equipment by refilling it everytime all the coal burns up. In this wikia there will be two type of sustainable energy that players will learn how to use: windmills and four types of solar panels. Any other related items that will be necessary to building these machines will also be shown how to build.


  1. Download and Install Feed the Beast
  2. Batbox
    1. Copper Cable
      1. Rubber
        1. Sticky Resin
          1. Tree Tap
          2. Rubber Tree
    2. Battery
    3. Wrench
      1. Bronze Ingot
        1. Bronze Dust
          1. Tin Dust
          2. Copper Dust
            1. Macerator
              1. Machine Block
                1. Refined Iron
              2. Electronic Circuit
  3. Windmill
    1. Generator
      1. Iron Furnace
  4. Solar Panel
    1. Coal Dust
    2. Electronic Circuit
  5. Low Voltage Solar Array
    1. LV Transformer
  6. Medium Voltage Solar Array
    1. MV Transformer
      1. 2x Insulated Gold Cable
        1. Gold Cable
  7. High Voltage Solar Array
    1. HV Transformer
      1. Energy Crystal
      2. 4x Insulated HV Cable
        1. HV Cable
  8. Connecting Energy Sources to Machines

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Example of solar panels and windmills on a house.

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